Hydraulic well intervention

The hydraulic well intervention support you need

Managing your reservoir means managing and protecting your wells. From field start-up to ultra-late life, increasing wells’ performance is what we do.

We have a full suite of hydraulic intervention services covering your wells’ life cycles. Whether it’s for well clean-up and testing or for mid- and late-life treatments, our services cover your production enhancement needs.

We’ll help you plan your campaign. We’ll select the most effective and cost-efficient solution for the job.

How? We have all the right tools for the job.

Whether it’s removing obstructions in your well, from sand to scale, to setting and removing plugs, we’ll get the results. From single wells, to major campaigns, we can achieve your goals.

From high-rate pumping through your subsea tree to targeting problem areas using coiled tubing, we’re here to support you.

Hydraulic well intervention services

• Coiled tubing

• Coiled tubing plug setting and removal

• Coiled tubing sand removal

• Coiled tubing simulation

• High-rate pumping

• Hydraulic simulation (pumping through tree/simulation)

• Production logging tool

• Sand consolidation

• Scale/obstruction removal

• Targeted coiled tubing simulation

• Well clean-up

• Well testing