Seabed clearance

Our experience runs deep

At the end of field life, your primary goal is to leave behind a clean seabed, so that our seas and oceans are safe to be sustainably used by others for centuries to come.

We’re here to support you, to the letter.

We understand the challenges posed by subsea construction and diving operations in the harshest conditions and with the most complex subsea assets.

Our modern, DP3 Grand Canyon class fleet means you have access to nimble, flexible services.

Our class-leading trenching assets and advanced subsea robotics services means you can trust in getting the best and most efficient service.

The understanding and experience you need

Combined with our deep, global knowledge of seabed soil conditions, you access the understanding and experience you need.

From cable trenching and burial to subsea architecture removal, we will complete your seabed clearance projects safely, efficiently and cost effectively,

In every project we do for you, we combine our engineering and program development support with our offshore operational expertise.

We bring the in depth knowledge of local and global regulations and best practise, so that your operations are completed on time and without incident.


• Trenching & burial

• Cable burial

• Subsea architecture removal

• Wellhead facilities removal

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