Reducing your decommissioning costs

Keeping your decommissioning cost to a minimum

Decommissioning is a big uncertainty.

It can also be a huge cost, especially when it comes to your wells.

Well plugging and abandonment alone is the biggest ticket item when it comes to field decommissioning. It accounts for more than 45% of your total decommissioning bill*.

Making sure it’s done safely and cost-effectively, without harm to the environment is of the utmost importance.

And we’ll make sure you’re able to meet the challenge.

An unrivalled track record

We have an unrivalled track record in rigless abandonment services, across all regions and water depths.

We’ve done more than anyone else to increase how much you can do without a drilling rig.

With our subsea construction capabilities, we’re supporting your goals to leave behind a clean seabed. Without costing the earth, following best practice and complying with all local regulations.

But we don’t just reduce your costs. Since the 1990s, we have also been finding value in your ultra-late life wells, extending your field life. Even when it’s no longer economical for you.

Leveraging our deep knowledge, expertise and innovative mindset, we can see the upside.

And we access it with a contracting model that suits you.

Throughout the entire process, our flexible and experienced divers support our operations. We’re ready to meet your every contingency.

With our dedicated and efficient, purpose-built well intervention vessels, we can mobilize fast. Fully stocked, we can cover all your eventualities.

*The UK Oil & Gas Authority’s 2018 Wells Insight Report estimates well abandonment to account for about 45% of total decommissioning costs on the UK Continental Shelf.

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Reducing your decommissioning costs

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