Triton ST ROV

The 100 HP Triton ST ROV is a fully capable work-class system with a small deck footprint.

The Triton ST provides 1,000 Kg lifting capability for work skids and allows deployment of construction and ROV tools in water depths to 3,050 m. It is also equipped with flexible hydraulic power telmetry systems.

The Triton ST offers a compact combination of thrust, payload, high through-frame lift and sensor interface to support most offshore work requirements.

With its small footprint, reduced overall weight and increased winch line speed, the Triton ST is particularly well suited for deep-drill rig support or ultra-deepwater work­class ROV tasks.

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​2.6m x 1.3m x 2.1m

Weight in Air

2,948 Kg (6,500 lb)

Umbilical Length

3,300 m (10,824 ft)


100 Kg (220.5 lb)

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