Schilling ROV HD

The Schilling Heavy-Duty (HD) ROV System is designed for performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Innovative features in the frame design and modular sub-systems combine to produce a high performance vehicle suitable for IRM, drill support, and heavy-duty construction operations, while maintaining a compact system footprint ideal for rapid transportation and mobilization.

It is designed to support IMR, drill support, and heavy-duty construction operations in 3,000 msw (optional 4,000 msw available) with 425 to 850 m tether capacity.


2.5m x 1.7m x 1.9m

Thrust Performance

Forward / Aft / Lateral - 900 kgf
Vertical – Up / Down - 850 kgf


HPU - 150 hp, 112 kW
Operating Pressure - 207 bar
Thrusters - Sub Atlantic (7)

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