Ross Candies

The Ross Candies is a versatile, and fully capable DP-2 multi-role construction support vessel (MSV).

The vessel is equipped with a 150t heave compensated crane that is capable of working at depths up to 3,000m. With a working deck area of 850 m2, the vessel is perfectly suited for construction and IMR activities.

The Ross Candies comes equipped with berthing for 69 persons with multiple one-man state rooms, client offices, and crew comforts such as a cinema, gym, and excellent dining facilities.

Onboard the Ross Candies is Canyon’s best-in-class 200HP XLX ROV systems that are rated to 3,000m. The ROV systems are located on the port and starboard side of the vessel and are operated from a dedicated control room within the vessel.

The Ross Candies includes a dedicated survey suite with a Kongsberg 501 Hipap system, and survey online and offline rooms.

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Otto Candies, LLC

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7.62 m long x 7 m wide, clear opening with bottom open door.

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