Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a dynamically positioned (DP Class 3) multi-role construction support vessel (MSV).

As a trenching support vessel, the vessel is mobilised with two trenchers; one high power jet trencher and a second heavy soils mechanical cutting trencher. In support of both trenching and subsea construction, there are two hanger installed work class ROVs. On the bridge is a suite of survey support systems and the personnel to operate the vessel and systems on a 24hr basis.

On deck is a 250Te active heave compensated crane with 3,000m of installed wire and without the trenching spread installed, the available back deck space is 1,650 m2.

The vessel is further equipped with berths for 104 persons with dedicated client and project offices and recreational facilities. The Grand Canyon is designed to operate in severe weather conditions with high maneuverability and station keeping capabilities.

As the primary trenching solution, the Grand Canyon is equipped with a spread of trenchers and ROVs to work in the harshest environments and able to bury products in a variety of seabed conditions . In construction support mode, the crane, ROVs, survey suite and available deck space allow for the mobilisation and operation of project specific equipment as well as the deployment of project subsea infrastructure.

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Volstad Maritime

Year Built


Length Overall

127.75 m



Helideck Rating

Sikorsky, S-92

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