Meeting your overall portfolio objectives

Maximizing the return from your field isn’t always about having a technical solution.

It’s also about meeting your overall portfolio objectives. It’s about how best, where and when to allocate your budgetary resources.

Working with operators to find commercial solutions to your economic challenges is in our DNA.

We have the longest track record, working with all sizes and types of organisation. We have the financial strength, the technical insight, the asset base.

And we have the confidence to help you realise your goals via alternative commercial models. And we can do it without impacting your outlay.

Working with us, you can trust your commercial goals will be met, at any stage in your field life, from start-up to decommissioning.


Our door is open

We are prepared to stand by our skills and experience. That means you can work with us under the commercial terms that suit you.

From performance contracting, shared risk and reward and even qualified lump sum operations, our door is open.

Our track record in delivering creative and cooperative contracting models and schedules spans the US Gulf of Mexico and North Sea.

We can support you. We can support your multi-client operations. And you can join us in our deepwater Helix Well Containment Group consortium. It’s your choice.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can develop a model to suit you.


Reducing your risk and outlay

When your late-life assets are no longer delivering value and you see a gap between your reserves and your abandonment liability, we can take the problem away.

We will reduce your risk and outlay by managing your subsea wells through to abandonment.

It’s what we do.

Since the 1980s, we’ve found value in late-life subsea wells where others don’t.

Contact our decommissioning team to learn how you could benefit.


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