Safety is our priority

To make sure safety is an integral part of our culture, we created what we call ’The Four Pillars of Safety’.

Promoting these ideas throughout the company, we make sure each and every member of our team understands why it’s so important to think about their own personal safety.

We understand that by looking after yourself and each other, we are better able to look after the company as a whole.


Year-to-date TRIR score


We encourage belief in your own ability to influence our culture of safety.


We encourage you to use language in a way that supports and reinforces your confidence.


We encourage you to take pride in your workplace so it’s clean, well organised and hazard-free.


We encourage a constant check of your method to make sure it’s operationally sound, safe and efficient.

We recognise that safer vessels are more productive. Helix's 4 Pillar culture focus provides additional engagement at all levels in their approach to safety with added bonus of improved performance.

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