Ethics and compliance

Every member of our team should feel safe. They should feel respected. And they should feel protected. 

This should be the case at all times and in everything they do. Instances of illegal or unprofessional dealings, or harassment in any form will simply not be tolerated.

Protecting us all

In addition, we wish to protect our company too, in making sure we are fair and transparent in how we conduct ourselves in the industry, how we win business and how the public perceives us. It’s why we established a detailed Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

We encourage our entire team to read and refer to this document, regardless of if they feel there is an issue or not. Of course, should a member of our team ever feel there is an issue that is making them feel uncomfortable for any reason, they should consult the code and report it accordingly.

In establishing our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics we hope every member of our team feels safe, respected and protected and that any partner we do business with can be confident of our professionalism.

Code of ethics for CEO and SFOs
Code of business conduct and ethics

Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy

We embrace the highest standards of honesty, ethics and integrity as core business values and will do business only by lawful and ethical means. The Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy applies to all officers, directors, employees, agents, employees of any affiliate, subsidiary or other entity controlled by us, temporary agency personnel, non-employee third parties acting on the our behalf and contract-basis personnel, wherever located.

Our corporate policy is to abide by all laws applicable to the jurisdictions in which we operate, and we require all personnel to comply with those laws.

Anti-corruption compliance policy

Where to next?


Safety, sustainability and value creation as core business values and priorities.

Vision and values

We pursue our business with integrity and respect for others and the communities in which we operate.


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