Corporate sustainability

Making a positive difference

We seek to make a positive difference in everything we do.

We seek to provide positive support to our teams around the globe. And we’ll continue to work hard to make sure they can carry out their work with pride, efficiency and in safety at all times.

We wish to provide positive support to our partners all over the world, both big and small. And we’ll continue to do all we can to meet their specific needs and challenges to help make their work easier, more cost-effective and more sustainable.

We wish to provide positive leadership to our industry as a whole. And we’ll continue to strive to do so with innovative ideas, advances in technology and robotics and a clear focus on meeting the challenges of environmental sustainability head on.

Corporate Sustainability Report

We say what we do

You will always find our approach to business on all levels is open, engaging and transparent.

You’ll discover this in reading about our values, about our people, and about our approach to safety elsewhere on this website and in the corporate sustainability report we produce to encourage further transparency.

The bottom line is we are a straight-talking company. We’re proud to have a long history of being a valued name in the industry. And we’re proud to value each and every stakeholder in the business.

We work hard. We work safely. And we work to make a difference.

Crucially, we stand by the saying our CEO, Owen Kratz, has long lived by himself…

That we always say what we do…

And we do what we say

We always will.

And in doing so, we seek to continue serving our team, our partners and our industry in the best way we can.

By improving everyday…

By investing in ourselves, our partners and the industry…

And by exploring new technologies and innovative options across every aspect of our business…

We will continue to lead the industry and make a positive difference.

"That we always say what we do..."

Owen Kratz | CEO