Core values

What drives us to serve you

To help us best support and serve your needs, it’s important you can see the values driving us.

Wherever in the world you find us, you’ll see our entire team are held to account by these simple ideas.

Whether you’re in our offices in Houston, Singapore or Rio de Janeiro. Or you’re out on a rig with divers off the coast of Scotland – these same values underpin everything we do.

As we develop our partnership with you – we hope you’ll recognise these qualities in all the work we do together.

Be it managing an offshore well intervention project out at sea or negotiating a bespoke contract in the boardroom, it’s by always observing these guiding principles that we’ll always deliver the highest standards you deserve as one of our partners.

We lead the way

The first to carry out commercial helium dives in the 60s.

The first to access a subsea well rigless in the world.

The first to build a deep-water intervention semi-sub.

We’re the first to do whatever it takes to find the right way to help you overcome your challenges, even if it means breaking new ground.

We build lasting relationships

You can rely on us to always be direct, transparent and reliable. You’ll find we’re straight talking and tell you how it is.

We’re open about any obstacles we need to overcome to make sure we deliver for you. Bottom line is: we always say what we do and always do what we say.

We’re all part of the same team

Listening to your concerns. Understanding your challenges. Supporting your ambitions. This is what respect means to us.

Whether you work for us or we’re working for you – we’ll always make sure our relationship is a two-way conversation and our ears are open to your needs and expectations.

We live our work

Our experience defines us as a company. It’s the single most important edge we can share with you.

Ever since the very first divers sought oil off the coast of California, we’ve led the way. Well intervention, subsea robotics, engineering, trenching: we don’t just know it…we live it every single day.

And we never settle. Our team is always pushing to learn more and develop a deeper understanding of what’s possible so we can better serve you, our partners.

You can always rely on us

Our industry has seen many ups and downs over the decades, yet our company remains strong and reliable throughout them all.

As we look to the future there will be many challenges, particularly as we look to minimise our industry’s impact on the environment.

But, thanks to our dedicated teams around the world. Thanks to our innovative approach to everything we do. And thanks to our deep financial security, we’ll continue to be a strong and reliable partner to you at all times.

Wherever in the world you find us, you’ll see our entire team are held to account by our core values.