Vision and mission

Stronger, safer and more sustainable

Our mission is simple and on going.

Everyday we’re helping to create a stronger, safer and more sustainable energy industry.

It’s our mission to do this not just for today, but also for the generations who follow.

We understand everything we do today impacts our future tomorrow.

It’s why we’re continually looking for ways to better support you with innovative ideas and ground-breaking advances in technology.

And it’s thanks to our vast experience we’re able to do this each and every day, across every element of our business.

Improving everyday

We become stronger everyday…

Investing in our people, creating a supportive and encouraging working environment and providing effective corporate governance.

We become safer everyday…

Instilling a culture of safety in our company at all levels, regularly reminding everyone about our four pillars of safety and empowering staff to be responsible for each other.

We become more sustainable everyday…

Using well intervention technology that reduces the need for any more harmful drilling and repairing existing infrastructure to reduce the risk of unwanted oil and gas leaks.

It’s a mission we hope will help us set an example of how, together, we can create a stronger, safer and more sustainable energy industry ready to meet environmental challenges head-on.